III International Conference on Civilization or Barbarism

Declaration of the III International Conference on Civilization or Barbarism

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Meeting in the Portuguese city of Serpa, the participants in the Third International Conference on Civilization or Barbarism - Challenges of the Contemporary World:

Launch an alarm concerning the aggravation of the global crisis of the capitalist system.

• Provide evidence that for the evolution of this crisis — social, financial, economic, military, energy, cultural and environmental — capitalism, with its precipitous increase in aggression, has become an absolutely regressive factor for human civilization, threatening the very continuity of life on Earth.

• Highlight that U.S. imperialism, as a central element of the system, has chosen a strategy of State terrorism that takes on neo-fascist characteristics in its Asian wars.

• Identify the European Union as a political-economic-military bloc in the service of monopoly capital, with the task of imposing, through the so-called Constitutional Treaty, a reinforcement of the capitalist integration, deepening its federalist, neoliberal and militarist character.

• Salute the resistance of the European peoples to the ongoing offensive against their rights and guarantees, against their countries’ national sovereignties and against democracy, an offensive that promotes unemployment and the pauperization of the working class, favors big capital, especially in healthcare, education and Social Security, destroying historical gains of the working class and striking with special force women workers. The gigantic protest demonstrations in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and above all in Greece confirm that the radicalization of the class struggle, as a response to the system’s violence, has extended throughout the European continent.

• Condemn the imperialist wars that have brought great suffering to the peoples of Iraq and the Afghanistan, attacking and occupying their countries, and condemn the monstrous crimes committed there by the U.S. Armed Forces and NATO, with the approval and complicity of the Portuguese Government; denounce as humbug the schedules for withdrawal of the invading troops; warn that veritable armies of mercenaries act in the region like fascist hordes; and salute the Iraqi and Afghan peoples’ resistance in their struggle for freedom and independence.

• Demonstrate their solidarity with the martyred people of Palestine and the people of Lebanon in their heroic combat against neo-fascist Zionism. Denounce the Special United Nations Tribunal on Lebanon as merely a servant of the U.S. and Israel against Lebanon and denounce the hypocrisy of the phony peace politics of the Obama government, which is an unconditional ally of Zionism and the terrorist State of Israel.

• Warn about the danger of imminent U.S. and Israeli aggression against the people of Iran — an aggression that could be the prologue of World War III; and denounce the campaign of disinformation mounted to distort the image of that nation, which was the cradle of great civilizations.

• Warn of the policy of military encirclement and cold war that the U.S. is conducting against the Peoples Republic of China.

• Condemn the direct and indirect military interventions of U.S. imperialism in Latin America; denounce the return of the Fourth Fleet of the U.S. Navy to South American waters and the installation of seven new U.S. military bases in Colombia; and demand the closing of all illegally existing bases on the continent, including that of Guantanamo currently illegally occupied in Cuba.

• Denounce the participation of the U.S. government, through the CIA and of the Pentagon, in the coup d’état in Honduras and the failed conspiracy in Ecuador and salute the democratic victories and the anti-imperialist steps taken by the progressive governments of Evo Morales in Bolivia and Rafael Correa in Ecuador.

• Salute the courageous and difficult struggles of an increasing percentage of people within the U.S. against the juggernaut of a power system whose ambition and irrationality pose a threat to humanity and emphasize that the hopes aroused by Barack Obama’s election have gone up in smoke, as it has become evident that the new president is continuing on fundamental questions George W. Bush’s foreign policy, even aggravating it, as is happening in Afghanistan and Latin America, and, regarding domestic policy acts as an ally of big capital against the workers.

• Warmly salute the people of Venezuela and its president for the advances accomplished through the development of the Bolivarian Revolution, and for the firmness of its position confronting U.S. imperialism and in the defense of the task of constructing a socialist society.

• Demand an end to the blockade imposed against Cuba by the U.S. and of the “Common Position of the EU,” both instruments of imperialism. Point out that Cuba’s socialist revolution and the heroic resistance of Cuba’s people during a half century of undeclared war and blockade has been a decisive factor in reinforcing throughout the continent the resistance to U.S. imperialism. Without this resistance and example, the advances obtained in Venezuela would not have been possible, nor the emerging of progressive governments in other countries.

• Salute the first demonstrations of the working class and the workers of Russia against the exploitation unleashed by the capitalist exploitation underway in that country.

• Salute the international campaign — Free Gaza — for the lifting of the criminal blockade of Gaza.

• Condemn the crimes committed by the Uribe Velez government of Colombia in which current President Juan Manuel Santos played an important role and remember that the solidarity the European Union has shown toward the neo-fascist Columbian regime makes it more difficult to achieve a negotiated solution to the existing conflict in that country, whose people have fought. Express their solidarity with Senator Piedad Córdoba and the victims of state terrorism.

• Find that capitalist economic growth, based in the increase of consumption, mobilizes colossal flows of materials and energy, causing the degradation and the exhaustion of finite resources — namely petroleum, which at this moment is reaching the maximum possible level of production — threatening the processes of natural renewal. To the detriment of the welfare of the populations, capitalist economic growth distorts the harmonious relation of humanity with the Earth that it inhabits and which is the common wealth of humanity, destroying the environment necessary for life and the resources indispensable to the production of necessities.

• Warn of the indispensable necessity to combat the alienation of a great part of humanity, poisoned by the media’s slaughter of a social communication that is controlled by imperialism and which misinforms and manipulates, spreading lies and covering up reality on a global scale.

• Appeal for reinforcing the defense of cultural diversity and cultural and linguistic resistance against the domination and colonializing of the mediatic, commercial, cultural and scientific space by the English language, which has become the “working language” of imperialism.

• Proclaim their conviction that Marxism — and in particular its core foundation located in the works of Marx and Engels — continues to occupy a central place among the theoretical references not only for Communists but also for progressives worldwide. The re-appropriation and the reinforcement of Marxism, its methodology and its concepts, as a way of thinking that leads to a critical analysis and transformation of the world, neither dogmatic nor domesticated, and the inheritance of Marxism-Leninism, continues to be an absolute necessity for the ideological struggle and for finding the correct framework to develop strategy and tactics for the forces that have committed themselves to anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist combat. In the struggle against the totalitarian system of disinformation, alienation and manipulation of the masses, Marxism-Leninism remains the most precious intellectual weapon in the hands of the workers and peoples who resist and advance the struggle. To renounce it would be equivalent to giving up the fight for socialism.

• Denounce the deeply reactionary character of the campaigns aimed at criminalizing communism, remember the tragic consequences of the disappearance of the Soviet Union and express the conviction that socialism is the only alternative to the capitalist system that, upon entering its senile phase, has opted for a strategy of desperation and extermination that threatens to lead humanity back to barbarism.

• Take note of the significance of the commemorations of the I Centennial of the Portuguese Republic, underlining the decisive importance of the participation of the people in the revolution of Oct. 5, 1910 and in their political victories.

• Witness with joy and hope for the intensification of the workers’ struggles on a global scale, as well as resistance to wars of aggression, especially in the USA, central to the system of domination, and emphasize that the reinforcement of internationalist solidarity among the exploited and excluded of the whole world is essential to the globalization of the combat against the common enemy: capitalism and imperialism.

Serpa, November 1, 2010

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