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Gathered in the Portuguese city of Serpa, the participants at the Second International Conference on Civilization or Barbarism – Challenges of the Contemporary World:

1. Sound an alarm regarding the aggravation of the global crisis — a social, economic, financial, military, energy, cultural and environmental crisis of the capitalist system– – and point out that it threatens the continuity on Earth of life itself.

2. Provide evidence that in the development of this crisis, capitalism, through its escalation of aggression and exploitation of humanity, has become an agent of the absolute regression of civilization.

3. Underline, that USA, the hegemonic power, in its desperate search for a way out of the structural crisis of the system, has chosen a strategy of state terrorism that has already taken on neofascist characteristics as it carries out so-called “preventive” wars.

4. Identify the European Union as a political-economic-military block that serves the interests of monopoly capital against the peoples of Europe and of other continents, and which, through the so-called Constitutional Treaty, is attempting to impose an ambitious qualitative leap in capitalist integration, to facilitate renewed offensives against the workers, to attack the rights and protections of individuals, to diminish national sovereignty and democracy, to deepen its neo-liberal, federalist and militarist character, and to obtain greater authority as an imperialist alliance.

5. Condemn the aggressions against Iraq and Afghanistan, the occupation of these countries and the monstrous crimes committed there by the U.S. and British Armed Forces and their allied satellite countries, as well as the complicity of the Portuguese government in these aggressions, and salute the resistance of the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan struggling for freedom and independence.

6. Condemn the Zionist aggression against Lebanon, supported by Washington, and salute the heroic resistance of the patriots of Hezbollah to the Israeli invasion.

7. Demonstrate their solidarity with the martyred people of Palestine in their combat against the Zionist occupation and for the creation of fully sovereign Palestinian State.

8. Warn about the danger of a U.S. aggression against the people of Iran and denounce the campaign of slander mounted on a world-wide scale to spread lies against the image of that nation, creator of a great civilization.

9. Demonstrate their solidarity to the multitudes in Africa, Asia and Latin America who are suffering the consequences of neocolonial policies and who are mobilizing against all forms of imperialist violence and exploitation and against the imposition of neoliberal policies by the international financial institutions. An annulment of the debt of the countries of the South that are victims of imperialism is thus an urgent necessity.

10. Condemn the direct and indirect military interventions of U.S. imperialism in Latin America, especially in Haiti and Colombia, and demand the closing of U.S. bases in different countries of the continent, including that in Guantanamo, in Cuba, occupied illegally.

11. Denounce the Bush government, which, lacking all moral authority, has financed, provoked and carried out terrorist acts against Cuba and other countries of the Hemisphere, and which has assumed the role of judge and promulgated lists of allegedly terrorist countries and organizations, namely liberation movements such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). In this arena, the Serpa participants support the efforts of the FARC aimed at arranging a humanitarian exchange of prisoners.

12. Demand an end to the blockade imposed on Cuba by the USA and salute the Cuban people for their example of heroic and victorious resistance to imperialism, and express their confidence in the results of the important process of popular debate in favor of socialism begun after July 26.

13. Warmly salute the people of Venezuela and President Hugo Chavez for the advances carried out in the development of the Bolivarian Revolution, for their firmness in the dialog with U.S. imperialism and for their projected goal of building a socialist society in Simon Bolivar’s homeland.

14. Salute the peoples of Ecuador and Bolivia for the democratic and progressive gains made in the anti-neoliberal governments of Presidents Rafael Correa and Evo Morales.

15. Declare that capitalist economic growth, based on the increase in the consumption of commodities, causing a degradation and exhaustion of finite resources and threatening the processes of natural regeneration. Rather than aiding the well-being of the populations, capitalist economic growth distorts the harmonious relationship of humanity with the world it inhabits, destroying the environment necessary to life and the resources necessary for the production of wealth.

16. Salute the struggle of the Portuguese people, especially its unified labor movement that, despite suffering the consequences of thirty years of counterrevolution, losses of rights, degradation of living conditions and distortion of democratic standards, still resists and preserves its class position with a sense of the future, facing the offensive by national capital along with monopoly European capital supported by imperialism.

17. Proclaim their conviction that Marxism—and especially its founding nucleus central to the work of Marx and Engels–continues to occupy a central place among theoretical references not only for Communists but for all progressives worldwide. The reappropriation and reinforcement of Marxism, its methodology and its concepts, as the thought for criticizing and transforming the world, neither dogmatic nor domesticated, and the ideas inherited from Marxism-Leninism, continue to be an absolute necessity in the ideological struggle and in the correct definition of the strategy and tactics of the forces that dedicate themseves to anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist combat. In contrast to the totalitarian system of disinformation, alienation and manipulation of the masses and to those who promote the doctrine of the “single thought,” Marxism remains the most precious intellectual weapon in the hands of the workers and peoples who resist. To renounce Marxism would be equivalent to abandoning the struggle for socialism.

18. Within a few weeks of 90th anniversary of the 1917 October Revolution, whose legacy is the property of all progressive humanity, they denounce the deeply reactionary character of the campaigns to criminalize communism, remembering the tragic consequences of the disappearance of the Soviet Union and express their conviction that socialism is the only alternative to the capitalist system that, upon entering its senile phase, has chosen a desperate strategy that threatens to drag humanity back to barbarism.

19.They note with joy the intensification of the struggles of the workers in the entire world as well as the resistance to the wars of aggression in the USA itself, and underline that the reinforcement of international solidarity among the exploited all over the world is essential to the globalization of the combat against the common enemy - capitalism and imperialism.

Serpa, October 7, 2007

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